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woensdag 11 augustus 2004

Je lah je rot!

An ferrytail - Little Dumpy (Klein Duimpje)

Een typisch stukje voor mensen die nog niet zolang geleden met de studie van de Engelse taal zijn begonnen. Wel, zoals ieder sprookje begint, begint ook dit sprookje met een Russisch woord: DAAR WOEZERUSH.

Well, daar woezerush a little boy. He was so little that everywan gave him the by-name Little Dumpy. He had sex brothertjes and sex sistertjes. His father was a woodhakker and his mother was working in the homeholding.

Op een gegeven dag the father said to the mother: "I hold it no longer out. I work myself the blubber." Dairouf said the mother met a thrilling voice: "Thomorrow I bring the hole bubs in the wood en then I let them in the steeck." But little Dumpy was very pienter and very good by the time. He had heard everithing. At night he jat two pillen off brunn bred and then he stept out of his bed. He went to the grind-pad and he fullt his pockets with kaiselstonen.

The next morning father and mother broughten the children far into the wood. Little Dumpy dropped every stap a stone on the way. When they waren fer en ough in the wood, the father and mother let the children in steeck. All the children krait, but little Dumpy said: "kelm on, kelm on. I bring you heelhouts home." The father was yust sitting in the voorroom, when he heard the doorbell klingelen. What do you think? There was the whole bubs aigain back.

The next morning the olders did the same again, but little Dumpy had not the time to take kaiselstonen with him. So he did pakkie volkoren roggebread. When they were far in the wood, the olders let them again in the steeck. And again all the children krait and krait. But little Dumpy said: "kelm on, kelm on." I bring you allemalle home. But the way home could he not meer finden. All the verrekte mussen had eaten op the roggebread. Again all the children krait but Little Dumpy said: "Keep your waffel shut. I bring you home."

He climbed in the big boom and looked around. Then he saw a liggi brenden, it was a liggi of the big reus and he like to eat them op with haut en hair. But may I remember the feit that Little Dumpy was very good by the pinken. He pikked the seven miles laarsen van the reus and so they came back to their lovely father and mother.

Don't lees this story before you go to bed, others you dream of it too veel.