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vrijdag 30 oktober 2009

Copying Protected DVDs

Now a days most DVDs that you buy are copy-protected hence you cannot make a reproduction of it. You cannot use the "Disc Copy" option in your CD writer program (like Nero) or make an image. Neither can you make a direct copy of VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS folders. But recently I came across a beautiful tool that solves this problem. Its called DVD43. It is a freeware and you can get it here.

DVD43 in itself does not copy the Protected DVD. It only "de-crypts" the DVD; So you will always need your regular CD burning program to make the regular copy. Here is a simple procedure of how to use this program.

1. The expectation is that you already have your normal CD writing program in your PC (like imgburn or Nero or Ashampoo etc.,)
2. Now you insatll DVD43.
3. This will start appearing in the task bar of your machine. Its status is expressed by its color.
4. If there is no DVD/CD in the cd drive the smiley face is yellow with a flat face. If you put a Copyright protected DVD, then DVD43 detects it and processes it automatically. Once it successfully decodes the protected DVD, the status turns green with a smiley face.
5. At this point, your system treats this DVD as a normal DVD and not a copy-right protected DVD anymore.
6. Now you can start your regular CD burning program and make a copy or burn an image file of the protected DVD. Read the overview of other features/ limitations of DVD43 in its home page listed above.
7. DVD43 creates a MDS file which has the decrypted information. I assume its the presence of this MDS file which enables your copy program (such as imgburn) to read the protected DVD. So you may want to make copies of this MDS file.

Tip: DVD43 by default adds itself to the system tray and the program always starts up when you start the windows. Some may feel this is unnecessary as its needed only when you insert a copy right protected DVD to make a copy. So if you want to turn it off, then you have to go to Windows startup options (using Windows Process explorer or so) and then uncheck DVD43 program.

I am using imgburn together with DVD43 and it works great. Have Fun..