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donderdag 11 november 2004

Who Am I

I am just curious how these people survive the storm. Is it all sunshine now?

I was born in the storm of my mothers life
Just a young girl that's try to survive
She did wanted it
She takes the drugs and love the whole time
My daddy he loved here but he loved the drugs more
And then there came problems I was born
Just a storm in their life's
My daddy just screaming at his wife
Were is the money were is the drugs
Why so much money for that little girl
The bloody red eyes from my dad
He's jelling at my mum and hit here in here neck
These are just tings I never can forget
There comes my little brother born and planed
They were happy but not for long
Because he was sick so more troubles coming on
At the same time I stayed with my grandma and singing a song
For my little brother that?s give me strength to live on
And then on a night my mother scream my daddy did weird things
I thought it's just a bad dream
Nine months later my next brother came
Just my little angel
My little brothers and I we had a crazy life
Till the day came that we had to move on ...