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vrijdag 8 juli 2005

WRT54G en functie van 2 antennes

Using diversity, your router will switch from antenna to antenna and service either your neighbor or your household network but it can't do both at one time. When your neighbor wants internet access, the router's diversity will recognize that your roof antenna is the best antenna to use and switch to it. When your inside house network wants internet access the router will switch to that antenna. So if both locations use a lot of broadband, things might slow down as the antennas take turns working. If you only do light internet surfing, I wouldn't think you'd notice.

However, if both of you use a lot or a fair amount of bandwidth, you may want to use the WRT54G's antenna for the neighbors since it has a higher power output than most routers and you might want to buy an inexpensive access point that would plug into a LAN port on the WRT54G to use just for your inside wireless network. That would give each location it's own wireless without switching back and forth and connecting the 2nd AP to a wired LAN port on the router would keep things as fast as it could be.

So try your idea first and if things run too slowly, be prepared to purchase a 2nd AP and use it inside your house, keeping the WRT54G for your neighbor's use. The WRT54G will almost always have a greater radio signal than a standard access point.